You can call me Maddie.


I have a wild imagination and love to create.
I take risks and always have too many ideas.

Things that drive my creative soul;
love, movement, laughter, acoustic music, textures, dresses, bare feet in the sand, the ocean, baby bumps, the sun, the moon. 

I obsess over love stories,
I want to capture all of your magical and life changing moments.
I believe important moments in life should be captured, they will be your treasures that get passed along for generations. 

for the wild at heart

I would be best suited for those who are laid back, intimate, imperfect, giddy, fun & after a whole lot of unposed moments.

Swim with sharks uncaged

Shoot a destination wedding

Bunjee jump

Sky dive

bucket list

fun facts

1. I'm married with two beautiful daughters
2. I have a phobia of people touching my ears! 
3. I love the idea of having abs but food is my friend
4. I'm an ocean lover. Let me live at the beach
5. Oversized shirts are bomb diggity!
6. I could eat mexican daily but hubby says we need balance in life

You care more about candid shots rather then posed.
You love exploring and spontaneous adventures.
You don't mind if your hair gets messed up in the wind.
You consider yourself laid back and easy going.
Your dress gets dirt on it, and you laugh and shrug.
You think cereal is always an acceptable dinner food, always.
You love with your heart.
You’re already screaming I NEED TO BOOK YOU!

you might be my client if

You Might Be My Client If: