With El Niño raining down on us, I’ve been getting the question “Do we postpone because of the predicted rain?”.

Every shoot I book I’m always hoping we have Golden hour sun, zero wind and beautiful skies. But this past summer with El Niño we haven’t been fortunate enough to have had many of those afternoons. Generally I would reschedule due to bad weather but this past summer has made me push ahead with so many sessions and now I encourage all my couples to go ahead no matter the weather prediction!

Here is why you shouldn’t postpone your photoshoot due to wet weather!

1. We can’t always postpone. With all the wet weather the past few months, If I was to postpone every shoot that rain is predicted, we would probably still be waiting to capture 80% of my sessions.
2. The weatherman is wrong, ALOT! If we have learnt anything recently, it’s that the weather forecast is not always right! A LOT of the time, there’s predicted rain but yet I shoot the whole session without feeling a drop.
3. Your wedding day. We can not postpone your wedding day because the forecast is showing rain! So if it rains on your engagement session, it will help you relax more if it was to rain on your wedding day as you would already know that beautiful photos can still be captured.

This photoshoot below is the perfect example of why you should not postpone due to rain! When I left home it was belting down, I could barely see the road as I drove into Newcastle, NSW. I was thinking of all my rainy day back up plans and locations, thinking we were going to go get creative in a carpark or ice cream shop (Which would had been cool, i love getting creative). Though as soon as I arrived in town, the skies cleared and we got to capture this beautiful session in around town!

The Station Newcastle
Newcastle Ocean Baths

Hair and Makeup:
Bespoke Hair & Beauty, Maitland NSW

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